Home Staging Rhode Island & Home Staging Massachusetts


 Do you want to:

          ◊ Increase the value of your home?

          ◊ Maximize your home’s potential?

          ◊ Make a great first impression?

          ◊ Outshine your competition?

          ◊ Attract more homebuyers?


 Then you need staging!


What is Home Staging?

Staging is the art of enhancing the visual appeal of a property to increase its market value and attract a larger pool of potential buyers.   Professionally staged properties typically spend 50%  less time on the market and sell for 6% – 10% more money! We specialize in staging homes in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. 

Is Home Staging Expensive?

No. Staging a home before listing it pays for itself in two ways, staged homes typically sell more quickly, thereby avoiding the first price reduction and statistically, staged homes sell at or even above the asking price.

Where Do I Start?

Call Us!   At Turning Leaf Staging & Design we are Certified Professional Stagers. Take advantage of our expertise in staging homes that have been shown statistically to increase market value and spend less time on the market. Don’t miss the opportunity to present your home in the best possible manner!

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